Open Source AI & Web3 lab

Agentic Workflow
Decentralized AI
Realtime Token Streaming
Blockchain Vector DB

ArcMind AI

Join the new era of Decentralized AI with privacy-first AI agent

Experience better LLM reasoning and reduced AI hallucination with Chain of Thoughts Engine

BeamFi Protocol

A real-time money streaming DeFi protocol for micro payments running on blockchain. It allows users to send or receive a constant stream of tokens.

Content Fly

A content marketplace Connecting high quality Content Creators to Brands.
Running on Dfinity Internet Computer.

Beyond Automation: How Agentic AI will ignite a new generation of cognitive GenAI applications

Imagine a new world connected by AI agents that can communicate and act by itself autonomously

BeamFi: A Revolutionary Decentralized Payment Solution for Creators and Freelancers

Dive into the BeamFi Developer Portal, our Zoom Meeting App Integration, NFID, and the XTC Token: All Revolutionizing the Creators’ Economy

Build a Web3 Dapp with Next.js and Motoko

A beginner’s Guide to building a Web3 Dapp with Next.js and a Motoko Smart Contract running on Internet Computer blockchain

Our Founders

Henry Chan
CTO & Co-Founder

Sam McCallum
CEO & Co-Founder

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