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We are Web3 Lab developing decentralized software using smart contracts by using cutting-edge blockchain technologies.

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A Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol enabling constant streaming of payment over a period of time with decentralized identity, running on Dfinity's Internet Computer.

Content Fly

Decentralized Web3 Job Management Tools and Marketplace, developed with smart contracts, trustless escrow payment, tokenized Proof of Skills / Experience NFT, running 100% on-chain on Dfinity Internet Computer.

Previous Projects

ProCoach App

The ProCoach™ Sports Coaching App allows athletes to get coached through video by some of the leading professionals around the world.

We make personalised sports coaching easy.

FriendsAt App

* See When Friends Are Nearby
When friends are nearby, you and your friends will get notifications. Nearby friends can be seen in the Home Radar screen.​

* Organise Catch-Ups
Send Catch-Up event to friends. See everyone's attending status & get a notification reminder the day before the Catch-Up.

* Meet Friends
See your friends' current location in the Catch-Up Map and participate in the Group Chat. 

Teamster App

Teamster App connects sporty people nearby. Users select their sports they love to play and skills level. Once they are connected, they could chat with others in real time, create and join activities nearby.

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Our Founders

Henry Chan
Co-Founder / Lead Software Engineer

Sam McCallum
Co-Founder / Product Manager

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